Joanne Hunter

Product Manager, Pearson


“You’re a star! Not to embarrass you but your test writing is being held in very high esteem - you are our other test writers’ model to follow - the team have noted that you have made some excellent judgments to amends and rewrites and have included YLE task where appropriate. Well done Niki - it really lightens the load when an author reads and responds well to a brief and asks all the right questions. Thank you!”


Judy Copage

Editor CELT-P


“Things are going just great - just to let you know - it’s lovely when writer and editor are on a similar wavelength. I’m enjoying reading your stuff!”


Andrew Hornsby-Smith



“As an editor, what you are looking for in an author is flair, plenty of good ideas, responsiveness to feedback and ability to stick to deadlines. With Niki, I found that she had all of these traits.”